Hi, I'm Louise and I'm a graphic designer from Dublin, Ireland.
This website contains a small selection of work from my portfolio. If you would like to see my compete portfolio or would like to chat about a project - contact or connect with me using the links below! 

A bit about me...​​​​​​​
Currently, I work at Open, a digital design and brand agency in Dublin.
I have a passion for art, design and creative collaboration. I’m happiest when I’m making things and working with others - this provides the best opportunity to refine a good idea into a great one.
My previous professional experience as an Art Director for film and TV, a Visual Artist and Illustrator gifted me with resilience and taught me to acquire new skills quickly.
At the risk of sounding clichéd, I love to learn. My ambition is to add as many strings to my bow as I can and broaden my design practice. When I’m not busy on a project I like to explore new creative techniques and hone my skills.
In my downtime, you’ll find me at the cinema, a gallery, life drawing or a drag show. 
One day, I will own a cat. Sometime after that, I will die happy.

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